See that guy up there? His name is Gardy. He's one of our bros in Morency, Haiti and he wants you to finish signing up for the trip! :) When we took that picture, our crew was walking through the mountains surrounding Morency. Gardy was playing music on his phone and we were all bouncing to it. All of a sudden he stopped and said, "Hey, hold on, take a picture." Just a cool moment!

And that kind of stuff happens all the time on our trips! So if you're still hesitant to signup, don't be! Because fear is a really weird thing. To be fearful is an awful feeling - like you're held hostage - unable to do the amazing things you want to. Don't let that happen here! Sign up! A verse I often say to myself when I'm afraid is this: "The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts in him and he helps me." (Psalm 28:7)

Let's go see the people of the world TOGETHER! I met my best friend and current roommate on another one of Cross Point's trips two years ago. And the number of community groups that start and stick because of a trip is incredible. These trips aren't only about connecting as acquaintances. We're actually ongoing friends when we get back. It's something special!

So let's go! :) Today, we only ask for a $50 deposit. After that, we can set you up with a fundraising page for free that looks like this. In the last seven years, we've never had a single person who was unable to raise their money. It's really incredible!

If the $50 is hard for you to swing right now or you have questions keeping you from signing up, get in touch with us right now! OH YEAH! One more thing... if you sign up for the trip, you'll immediately get to see the VIDEO of Gardy dancing on the Thank You page after you click submit. Much love! Talk to you soon!

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